'DEBUT' by Rose Eken, Anika Lori and Fryd Frydendahl 

Friday November 6th 5pm to 9pm

'Debut' is an exhibition by Rose Eken, Anika Lori and Fryd Frydendahl, in which the three artists explore their common understandstanding and recollections of ‘the teenage bedroom’.Together their individual art practices transform the intimate space of ApArt into an installation mirroring the precariousness, fragility and doubts of the vulnerable yet powerful teenage spirit, as well as the emancipatory courage and hope of the coming off age attitude.The exhibition is fuelled by a persistent energy and naiveté that runs in the work of all three artists. Process and dialogue have been essential for the coming-together of 'Debut'


Opening hours : Vernissage: Friday November 6th 5pm to 9pm. Opening hours: Saturday 7th noon to 4 pm , Sunday 8th noon to 4 pm.

Finissage : Thursday November 26th 5pm to 9pm.